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SUPERSONIC 7″ Portable Description
* 7″ TFT LCD Swivel Display
* Constructed-in DVD Player
* ATSC/NTSC Multi Tv System
* USB Compatible
* SD/MMC Card Slot Compatible
* AM/FM Radio
DVD+RW Compatible
* Multi Language On Display Show (OSD)
* Multi Subtitles Perform (up to 32 languages)
* Swiftly Forward/ Quick Backward/Subsequent/Prior
* Play, Pause and Repeat Functions
* Rotary/Electronic Volume Management
* AV Input/ AV Output
* Electrical electrical power Consumption: 28W
* Karaoke Microphone Input
* 3.5mm Headphone Jack
* Detachable AC Energy Cord
* Vitality Offer: DC: eight x “C” Dimension
Batteries (not incorporated)
* Total Complete Remote Management
* UL or ETL Listed

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SUPERSONIC 7″ Portable Manual

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