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SuperSonic SC-21A two. Description
* two. Channel DVD Player
* Progressive Scan
* Compact Slim Type and design
* Constructed-in USB Input and SD Card Slot
* Compatible with MPEG4/DVD/DVD+/R/DVD+/RW/
* Constructed-In Ac-3 Decoder ten-Bit Video D/A Converter,96KHz/24-Bit Big Good high quality Audio Output
* PAL/NTSC Playback
* Horizontal Resolution: 500 Lines
* Selectable Display Aspect Ratio 4:three and 16:9
* Broad Assortment Of Energy Supply (a hundred-240V)
* Video Output: Composite, S-Video, YUV, P-SCAN
* AV Input Jack For Use with External Media Gamers
* Complete Perform Remote Manage
* UL or ETL Listed

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SuperSonic SC-21A 2. Manual

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