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AmScope 40X-2000X Complete-Size Description
The T490B attributes a unique “simul-focal” optical approach with an adjustable trinocular port to enable correctly-centered clear pictures on your Pc or video display while concurrently receiving sharp, centered photos by signifies of the eyepieces. Most trinocular microscopes permit you to see either by signifies of the trinocular port or the eyepieces only, forcing you to switch between the two. Since these trinocular ports are not “simul-focal” with the rest of the microscope optical strategy, you have to re-target the microscope correct soon after every single switch. The T490B, even so, erases this phase by supplying “simul-focal” viewing. Specially helpful for educating demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications, the “simul-focal” feature helps make it possible for your students or colleagues to view clear images concurrently while you function via the eyepieces. In addition, the T490B’s company frequent 23mm photograph port can be converted into a C-Mount port by attaching the integrated C-mount adapter, making it possible for you to attach most

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AmScope 40X-2000X Total-Dimension Guide

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