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JVC XV-D723GD Progressive-Scan Description
DVD-audio offers the 192kHz/24-bit format for the highest fidelity consumers have ever experienced. To make its DVD player compatible with large best quality audio plans, JVC designed a new edition of its 1-bit P.E.M. D/D (Pulse Edge Modulation Differential-Linearity-Errorless D/A) converter. This converter is touted by media reviewers and audiophiles as one particular of the most exact and musical a single-bit D/A converters obtainable. An enhanced noise shaper (VANS) is compatible with DVD’s superfidelity format. As a consequence, the XV-D723 boasts an further-broad 108 dB dynamic range. The JVC DVD player’s image high quality is also excellent. Pictures on DVDs are usually recorded in 24 frame-per-2nd format, as on film. When they are played back on a conventi

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JVC XV-D723GD Progressive-Scan Manual

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