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Pioneer DVR-633H-S DVD Description
Digital electronics brings simplicity to you and your property-theater with the Pioneer DVR633HS. You get a DVD Recorder/Player collectively with a 160MB demanding-drive in a single slim video part. The tough drive can shop up to 340 hrs of video programming – and execute it back also. A created-in NTSC Tv tuner lets you record Tv packages on DVD or tough drive. A developed-in programmable timer lets you set up to 32 displays to record in 1 month. It genuinely is extremely a broad leap from your preceding VCR. Now you can consider your outdated video tapes and archive them on DVD. It really is basic, it is simple, it really is exciting. No computer crucial! Essentially connect it to your Tv or home-theater approach. Variable bit rate recording permits for greatest resolution or super lengthy recording 32 Program recording timer

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Pioneer DVR-633H-S DVD Guide

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