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Pioneer DVR-650H-S DVD Description
Pioneer DVR650H offers a 250Gb challenging disc drive (HDD) enabling you to record Television applications, import your preferred photographs and music, and even create your very personal DVDs, slideshows and film collections to share with pals! The Pioneer DVR650H also characteristics HDMI, 1080p upscaling output for superior image very good top quality. 250GB HDD with optimum 711 hrs of recording 1080p upscaling with HDMI Output PAL /NTSC YC Separation eliminates cross-colour artefacts i.Internet site hyperlink (IEEE1394) DV input USB Direct Playback (JPEG/MP3) Music files (WMA/MP3) can be transferred to HDD by means of USB Print photos by connecting a Pictbridge-compatible printer by way of USB Digital Jukebox – Music (CD, MP3/WMA) can be stored & playback on HDD Multi-format recording & play

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Pioneer DVR-650H-S DVD Manual

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