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Pioneer DVR-231-S DVD Description

You just found the replacement for your VCR! The DVR-231-S is a ideal way to generate your personal video clips on DVD, or to record your preferred Tv packages. It records up to ten hrs* of video clip clip, ample for your holiday motion pictures or an all-day marathon of your favorite Tv display. Utilizing a DVD-RW (in VR Mode) you can do some fundamental editing, this kind of as erasing a title or creating adjustments to chapters inside a title.

It will get even better. The DVR-231-S is a versatile media player, compatible with DVDs, DVD-R/RWs, CDs, and Compact disc-R/RWs. And its audio effectiveness is amazing, thanks to a considerable-end 24-bit/192kHz D-A converter.

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Pioneer DVR-231-S DVD Manual

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