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Exclusive Supersonic SC-23 Description
* two.one Channel Audio Player for Surround Sound Tactics
* Compatible with DVD/Cd/Compact disc-R/Compact disc-RW/DVD-RW/MP3/Compact disc Formats
* USB/SD/MMC/MS Input Compatible
* AC-three Digital Decoder Compatible
* 10 bit Video clip Encoder
* 48 to 96kHz Audio DAC, 16 to 24 bit Digital Decoding
* Selectable Show Display Formats: 16:9, 4:3
* Hassle-free Front Panel and On-Show Demonstrate
* Numerous Angle/Language Subtitles
* Multi-level Quickly Forward and Backward Scan
* Prepare, Repeat, Perform Buttons
* Compatible Television Strategy: Digital, Analog and PAL
* CVBS (composite video clip)/S-video
* Coaxial & Optical Digital Output
* Electrical electrical power Supply: Automobile Switch Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz
* AV Cables (integrated)
* Remote Manage (integrated)
* ETL Authorized

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Unique Supersonic SC-23 Manual

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