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JVC XV-SA600BK DVD Description
At significantly much less than a few inches tall, this DVD-Audio-equipped JVC player is as sleek as it is strong. The player provides significant-resolution DVD-Audio capability with JVC’s custom one-bit P.E.M. D.D. digital-to-analog audio converter and premium-excellent top quality progressive-scan video clip (for use with a substantial-definition or HD-ready Television). Oh, yes–the unit also plays your MP3 music and JPEG picture CDs. DVD-Audio offers super substantial-fidelity stereo and six-channel sound at 192k Hz/24-bit resolution and distinctive bonus aspects not obtainable on normal audio CDs. As an anti-piracy measure, the XV-SA600BK performs its private decoding of DVD-Audio signals, passing substantial-resolution analog, not digital, audio to a surround receiver. This signifies you will need an audio/video clip receiver w

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