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Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD-VCR Description
Combine the best of two worlds of video clip into 1 element–and conserve room–with the Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD-VCR Combo. You can even view a DVD even however simultaneously recording a Tv plan to the VCR. The DVD attributes integrate component-video clip clip out and twin laser choose-up method, even though the VCR side attributes four heads, hi-fi stereo, 400x speed rewind, and front A/V input jacks for downloading video clip from a camcorder. You can also use the Samsung DVD-V1000′s DVD player to perform back audio CDs as nicely as Compact disc-R discs that you burn off up from your Pc with MP3 audio files. It really is also compatible with VCDs. DVD features: 10-bit video digital to analog converter and 27MHz revolutionary digital filter Playback of 96KHz/24-bit sources DTS digital output for DTS-drastically enhance

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Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD-VCR Manual

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