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Pioneer DV-600-AV-S DVD Description
Play your comprehensive film and music collection with just one player. The Pioneer DV-600-AV-S DVD Player is ultra-slim and plays multi-formats which includes DVD Audio and SACD. You can perform content articles from your USB memory stick, audio player, or appreciate other compressed films and music formats that you have downloaded from the net. This player is also DivX Ultra licensed so you can get pleasure from the highest higher quality attainable from compressed files. The HDMI output with 1080p upscaling assures that what you see is of the highest achievable good high quality, regardless of the provide. In addition, the 600AV has Virtual Surround Sound, which permits radio or Television programs that are broadcast in mono or stereo to be played back in full five.one-channel surround sound. 192 kHz/24-bi

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Pioneer DV-600-AV-S DVD Manual

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