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SWI&PS – PAC Description
You want to set up a Pioneer or Sony stereo in your car, but you hate to give up the comfort of your factory steering wheel radio controls? No concern. PAC’s SWI-PS interface permits you to use the steering wheel controls in a wide variety of autos to command your new Pioneer or Sony radio.
Installation is easy just connect a few wires, only 3 wires in a lot of autos. The direct connection to the stereo implies there is no require for an infrared emitter, enabling the SWI-PS to perform even in vivid sunlight. Step-by-step LED confirmation helps make programming simple. Once linked, the SWI-PS’ failsafe memory will learn up to 9 stereo functions, retaining them even if battery power is interrupted. Dimensions: three-five/84″W x 1″H x 1-9/one

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SWI&PS – PAC Manual

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